First aid job application

Can you use a helping hand in finding that new Dutch job which suits you? Includes customized assignments and tips.

Career counseling

What is it I really want to do and what am I good at? Start with a talent test and discover a different set of questions in your search for what truly motivates and drives you.

Work relations

Why does that one colleague bother me? How come I didn’t get that promotion? Allow yourself some space to start recognizing your patterns.

Je carriere

Je carriere

Je Leven

Je relaties

Je relaties

Professional, personal, senior coaching. Sometimes it can be difficult to find your way, to know what it is you want to do, or you may have stagnated in your job. Now is the time to consider either career or life coaching. Together, we broaden your views – for example by challenging your ingrained ideas. Using a variety of techniques, working towards tangible results, you guide yourself creating solutions and achieving your goals.

My approach is based on personal growth and focuses on your future. Working with your existing talents you will enlarge and broaden opportunities that come your way. You will begin to discover how you might hold yourself back and consequently, what you can do to avoid or overcome that behavior. Our talents are visible through the way we live and work. It is often just that we remain unaware of our true power. Something we’re good at might just cause an energy leak. In getting a better insight in your own unique approach, you will greatly improve living your life – empowered by your own talent.

Regeling voor Rijksambtenaren

Werk je voor het Rijk? Dan kan je zonder tussenkomst van je werkgever €1800,- besteden aan een loopbaancoaching.

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