Tussentijd translates as ‘in between time’ or ‘meantime’. Time and space to address what really matters to you and in your life. Our inTussentijd sessions are placed in between everyday life, focusing on your questions, talents and values in work and life.

Work is an important part of our lives. It is about so much more than earning a living. Work that really suits you is also about developing skills, talents, personal values and feeling of purpose.

Sometimes you become bogged down in your work or business. The cause may lie in any number of different factors. Perhaps you are in the wrong work environment or you are experiencing difficulties with a colleague. Perhaps you want to grow and develop but just don’t see or get such an opportunity.

On the other hand, perhaps everything is working out just fine. This may encourage you to seize the moment to reflect and explore new possibilities.

The choice to invest in yourself is a choice for personal growth.

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Charlotte Puyman


Whatever you do in life, you are always part of it. If you want your career to flow, it is important to understand what makes you tick. All of us are endowed with different talents. The funny thing is that we’re not used to thinking about ourselves in that way. Whatever comes easy to us, may seem just normal or even average. It is about time we start recognizing ourselves for who we really are.

When we live and work with our talents as a starting point, things start to get easier. When we get stressed our talents become weaknesses. A weakness is a talent in a disconnected hyper focus. The trick is to start recognizing your weaknesses and shift back towards talent. Once you master that, it is easier to live your talent driven life.

To me, life coaching and career coaching are intertwined. In all our coaching packages, we take a dive beneath the surface of all that seems obvious. Life and work are about what it is you are good at doing, and about the way you connect with the people around you.


Work is an important part of life. It enables us to pay the bills and through the projects we are involved in we get to develop ourselves.

Purpose has gradually become a significant aspect of work. In my practice, questions like ‘am I doing the right things?’ pops up repeatedly.  Exploring your purpose in life and work and the ways to manifest this, deserves the investment of your time and attention. Using a variety of coaching techniques, based on your strengths, will help you to be more specific and bring focus to your goals.

Whether you are an employee or a business owner, you will make a difference when working on your personal goals and competences. Thinking strategically about your purpose, the choices you make and how you use your talents will boost your effectiveness.


The Dutch interact in their to the point, Dutch way. For many expats this can feel overwhelming. We spend a lot of time with our colleagues and feeling insecure in managing you colleagues can affect your effectiveness and the joy in work.

When you get stuck in your work, what do you need to free yourself? When you’re on a rough patch with that colleague, where does it really sting? What happened that caused you to be skipped for that promotion? If a client simply doesn’t seem to ‘get it’, what can you do to solve that?

It is important to find out what you can do to avoid getting into the same situation over and over again. With well-aimed coaching sessions, you learn to analyze situations and gain a different perspective on communication and behaviour. This will help you building healthy work relationships.

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Something that makes me truly happy is seeing people getting closer to their true selves. Living your life with talent means uncovering your talents and working at what makes you tick.

My coaching style is to the point, future focused and inventive. Coaching is a beautiful profession and I really enjoy applying a down to earth approach.

Knowing what it is you wish to change is only helpful when you have the tools required to do so, and are prepared to take responsibility. Starting with you, your talents and dreams in order to create a tangible plan.

Being a senior career coach and life coach, my practice as Registered Career Professional is based in Haarlem. I have a broad coaching experience in the context of dismissal, re-integration, entrepreneurship, switching careers and finding purpose.

I have been trained as an NLP master, mediator, systemic and intuitive coach. I combine this variety in techniques with working on tangible steps and finding creative solutions.

My personal work experience includes government policies, auditing, coaching and organizational development. This has given me a broad insight and understanding of the different ways in which we work.

A few years ago, I decided to quit my job and establish as an independent career and life coach. Combining my coaching practice with an assignment as coordinator of the educational program of Noloc, the national professional association for career professionals, is best of both worlds to me.

I enjoy hiking through forests, swimming in the sea and sculpting stone in the back yard. Soapstone? I prefer alabaster or serpentine. Coffee or tea? Tea! And naturally I can serve you a decent cup of coffee as well.

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