We are all different people; this is why our coaching is customized to your needs. When looking for a new job in the Netherlands your challenges are different than those you would typically encounter when considering a career switch. Should you feel stuck in your job, our sessions focus on different things than when you (e.g.) want to improve your working relationship with a colleague.

Coaching with inTussentijd is future-oriented, pragmatic, with a good understanding of expat needs and talent based. Starting with what drives you, what you are good at doing, we will target your goals. Whether you wish to grow your competences, or find your mission in life, we will design your personal coaching experience.

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On this page you will find some examples of coaching packs to give an idea of the possibilities.


Are you looking for that fun, new job? Not getting any invitations, even if you have the right qualifications? You’re not alone…  Many expats have similar difficulties. The Dutch job market works in a different way. With some involved, well aimed coaching you will get that job faster. You will complete useful, customized assignments and get tips that suit your situation. Learn how to go about finding that job in a different way and save time and effort.

  • 5 one-hour sessions
  • Finding a job in the Netherlands
  • CV Analysis & letter of motivation
  • LinkedIn advice
  • Networking
  • Job interview preparation
  • Online Talent profile


What is it I really want? What am I good at? Why does that one colleague bother me so much? How come I didn’t get promoted? How do I interact with my Dutch boss and colleagues? These are situations in life which we encounter over and over again.

Does that sound impossible? Only a deep dive and taking yourself seriously allows that possibility to reveal itself. Answering different questions and completing a talent test – you will discover what drives you. A wish to change becomes tangible when it gets grounded. Create time to find out what your true ambition is, what it is you want to achieve.

Using your talents as a starting point and more insight in the Dutch approach, combined with systemic coaching techniques you will gain a different perspective on your professional life. Taking time and space for contemplation, you will discover a new approach.


  • 8 one-hour sessions
  • Confidence, direction
  • Discover what matters to you
  • Competences, letting go
  • Talents and weaknesses
  • Work relations
  • Understanding how the Dutch work
  • Systemic table constellations
  • Online Talent profile


Why am I still angry at that person? What causes the nagging feeling I cannot shake off? I am definitely not going to forgive that person!

Forgiving quickly feels as a loaded statement. We have been taught that forgiveness is something you may be given or receive after injustice. That apologies of the ‘perpetrator’ are a necessity. That forgiveness is something you ‘grant’ someone. It is such a pity that these ideas remain so prominent. Forgiving is one of the most precious and liberating gifts we can give ourselves.

The method of forgiveness I use is based on the work of Willem Glaudemans and A Course in Miracles. You are at the heart of all this. Forgiving starts with you and what it is you would have wanted. There is no need for the presence of the other person in this process. Just you. Free yourself of spite and feelings that enclose you. Clear up your past and make room for your future Life.


  • 3-hour personal session
  • From onging to forgiveness
  • Insight and understanding
  • Systemic table constellations
  • Tools for inner growth


Having a different set of eyes to look at your business helps. With a few strategic sessions and challenging questions you will find answers and solutions enabling you to take the next step.

We will focus on both your talents and your weaknesses, discovering what makes your approach special and valuable. Explore how you may be holding back, then learn how to grow your company.

  • 8 one-hour sessions
  • Strategic sessions
  • USP’s of your business
  • Competences and talents
  • Weaknesses and resources
  • Client relations
  • Online Talent profile


Coaching with Charlotte Puyman is always personal and confidential. Sincere focus on whom you are with all your talents is the basis for our conversations.

Combined with my positive outlook on life and focus on personal development, my coaching is to the point, future focused and inventive. Yes, I also love to share a good laugh.

You will work on assignments between our appointments. This keeps you actively exploring that which matters to you. My network is open to you. Should I encounter something that might inspire you, I will share this information directly.

In my approach the richness of techniques in NLP, mediation, Talentbuilder, systemic coaching and intuitive coaching are intertwined. According to your needs, you will get anything from ‘down to earth’ help finding that job to taking the dive into the way you journey through your work and life.

Our sessions focus on enlarging your effectiveness and insight so you can live your life in a talent driven way.

Charlotte Puyman is an independent Senior Coach, a Noloc certified Registered Career Professional and member of Coachfinder and co-founder of Orange Compass. Sessions are eligible for direct payment by employers and qualify for several government subsidies.

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A session lasts 60 or 90 mins.

Sessions can be either live or online.


Visiting address: different locations in Haarlem and Vogelenzang.

For sessions on location outside of Haarlem, travel expenses and location costs will be payable.

COSTS (rates ex 21% VAT)

Private: € 95 per hour

Business: € 149 per hour

Cancellations: All appointments are payable unless a minimum 24 hour advance notice is given.

Payments made from outside the EU are charged with € 7 inc. vat) extra per invoice to cover extra bank charges.


Coaching by inTussentijd has been certified by professional association Noloc.

Your employer can file these bills as opleidingskosten (education fees). This is usually done in agreement with your manager.

Government subsidies may compensate all or part of these costs.


Would you like to know more about options for coaching packs or possible subsidies? Feel free to reach out for a free introductory chat.